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Facebook Introduces “New” Post Options

Posted by Director on May 19, 2017

Originally posted on LinkedIn by Laura Hanley, Director of Content Marketing at Concentrek Group

You may or may not have noticed "new" post options being presented on your Facebook Page. The truth is, many of these options aren't actually new—they've been available organically and paid, Facebook is just presenting them in a more "in your face" way.

Share a Photo or Video
We've all been sharing photos and videos for awhile now, but these media options are being presented in a different way. Facebook is giving equal weight to photos, videos, carousels, slideshows and canvas posts. In other words, it's time to step your storytelling game up.

Get Phone Calls
The "Call Now" option is no longer buried under the "Offer, Event +" tab. And when I say buried, I'm not lying—the option was literally at the very bottom.

With users accessing Facebook via the mobile app, the "Call Now" button makes it that much easier for them to get in touch with your business if they see something they're interested in.

Get Messages
First off, I hope your brand is utilizing Facebook Messenger as a communication tool. If you're not, just read Hug Your Haters by Jay Baer and you'll know why it's recommended.

While this post option has been around, Facebook is once again giving it the promotion it deserves. The "Send Message" option automatically opens a message to your Page, with the original post the user clicked on attached within the thread. This will allow your internal staff to have insight into which post prompted users to click through to message—and could also help segment users into the proper audience pending messaging.

Help People Find Your Business (Get Directions)
Again, no longer buried in the options! I work with a lot of small businesses and medical practices with locations that are not well known—especially if they're newly established. If business owners are more aware of this post type, it could help clear up questions they constantly field related to directions—while allowing the inclusion of specifics in the post copy (i.e. Across the street from Target).

When users click on the 'Directions' button, they are taken to a map that already has your address linked to it, as it is pulled from the info you listed on your Page. If your business receives a lot of questions related to directions, I'd recommend pinning this post to the top of the Facebook page for easy access.

Create an Event
Events have been around for years, Facebook is just making them easier to get to. If you haven't used Facebook Events yet, do it—but be sure that you do it right.

Don't just create an event and let it sit there. You must create discussions within the event, engage the users who've noted that they're "interested" or "going." The more online conversation you have related the event, the more likely that your Facebook RSVP list will translate into actual attendance.

Create an Offer
Depending on how bad-ass your offer is, you may want put put advertising money behind it. But, using this organic post option can still be useful. I'd definitely recommend utilizing this option and conducting some A/B testing along the way, allowing you to figure out what your audience has a stronger reaction to.

Mix Up Your Facebook Post Strategy
Long story short, Facebook is calling attention to these different post types for a reason. Now is the time to mix up your Facebook strategy with these options, publish different types of posts and see what works best with your audience.

And of course, if you need help doing so, I'm just an email or phone call away. 

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