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Get to know our March 15 presenter - Hope Sowders, Mohawk

Posted by Director on March 14, 2017

interviewed by:  Mallory Tarr

1. What led you to the fine paper industry?  A recruiter got me into the industry right out of college. I've worked for both paper merchants and mills selling various products. There were several things that attracted me to Mohawk and Fine Paper. The main thing was the people - the O'Connor family that owns Mohawk and the passionate people that work there.  One visit to the mill and I knew I had to be a part of this team. Mohawk is a very forward thinking company and has done a great job diversifying products. It's a lot more interesting than selling boring white commodity paper!

2. What is the best part of your job?  Hands down meeting creative people and hearing about what they're working on. Most of my job is to inspire and educate about paper and printing trends. There is nothing better than working with a designer as they're developing their ideas and then seeing the completed project. I try to keep a sample of each and I get totally geeked out talking about them. 

3.  How does a paper mill that produces high end paper compete in a world of economy papers?  Great question!  We have actually been able to grow our fine papers business when a lot of people think print is dead. It IS NOT!  It's all about matching the material to the message. If you want to stand out you use Uncoated paper. We see so much coated that using Uncoated, especially if you add a color and/or texture, engages our senses and makes the message more memorable. I've spent the last 9 months presenting Mohawk Maker's Field Guide to Texture and Color. It is the perfect tool to inspire!






4.  Is it a paperless society? Not a chance. There are certainly informational things that don't need to be printed. If your message is important you print it. Print is special. We are seeing a lot of internet companies incorporating print as part of their marketing effort. We're in a world that requires you to use technology with print to engage, motivate and give your intended audience a call to action. Maybe it drives them to your website or your store.  And let's be honest. Nothing brightens my day more than a handwritten note or card showing up in my mailbox. And what's the perfect gift...a journal or book (preferably hardback). No kindle for this paper girl!!!! [��]

5.  What other creative interests do you enjoy?  I think I'm about ten years behind the times but I'm completely obsessed with Pinterest. I'm always working on something DIY. Right now I'm in the middle of crocheting a blanket and making hand bound journals. (There is always a giveaway when I have speaking events hint hint)

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