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The Magic of Holiday Advertising

Posted by Director on December 19, 2016

It’s the holiday season and that got us thinking … What makes a really great holiday advertising campaign? Some ads use humor while others tug on your heart strings. But one thing we know for sure is that the most memorable holiday ads all have a bit of seasonal magic.

AAF Toledo’s Board of Governors was recently asked to share their favorite holiday advertising campaigns and here’s what they chose:

M&M’s – “Christmas Faint” (1996)
"I'm a 90's kid, so seeing the M&M's commercial reminds me of snowy nights watching TV holiday specials and decorating the Christmas tree. As an advertising professional, I can appreciate the campaign's timelessness and creativity." – Melanie Dunn

Budweiser – 9/11 Tribute (2002)
"This commercial pays tribute at Christmas to all the men and women who lost their lives and those who assisted and aided in the September 11 attacks. Even in the worst of times our country stands strong and remembers those who have sacrificed for others." – Dr. Christine Smallman

Coca-Cola – “Christmas Trucks”
"What is Christmas without the iconic Coca-Cola Santa? The lights on the truck with Christmas music playing reminds me of forever wishing for a case of coke underneath my tree on Christmas morning. Still a staple on my Christmas list every year, thanks to this ad." – Mallory Tarr

McDonald’s – Ronald McDonald Teaches a Boy to Ice Skate
"You know that feeling when you see or hear something that immediately takes you back to a different place and time? This commercial does that for me. I remember all the running around our family did Christmas Eve through Christmas Day—visiting extended family, opening gifts, playing in the snow. Plus, it has cute animated forest creatures!" – Stephanie Elton

Folgers – “Peter Comes Home for Christmas” (1986)
Sometimes you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Folgers updated this classic commercial in 2009, leaning in to the strong nostalgic tie to the original commercial and their brand.

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